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We know it is not easy for investors to find a reliable contractor. Even a little job may cause trouble when not performed properly. Our company is on the market for many years and we have experience in welding, construction and assembly of machines, containers and pipelines. Quality of service is the priority for us. We always try to do our best. When choosing Euromontig Janusz Bokota, you get the expertise gained throughout years of professional experience. We fully commit ourselves to each welding or construction project, whether large or small. Our best reference is the feedback from our clients. Please contact us if you needany work done.


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Welding Service

Professional welding service depends on several elements. To begin with, the contractor must know how to join welding materials and what type of bonding agent or material to use. Worker’s professional experience is also important, as it guarantees right performance of the job. Other crucial aspects are written and customary rules and regulations on health and safety at work.

Construction and installation of machines

Customised design of machinery often requires individual approach in assebling. Euromontig Janusz Bokota offers comprehensive service covering construction and installation of various types of machines. In our work, we use only tested solutions based on the best equipment and materials produced both in Poland and abroad. All our employees are properly trained and comitted to every job, so each project commissioned by the client is succesfully completed without unnecessary complications.

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Construction and installation of containers

We provide the service of construction and installation of containers. We realise standard projects, but are happy to undertake large construction challenges, too. We aslo install ready made containers. We work professionally, quickly, and carefully. The safety of the people, machines, and materials present on the work site is always our priority. Although we have compleded an immense number of installations the quality of the job is our goal each time we perform a new task.

Construction of pipelines

We are plesed to offer our service to all companies or people interested in having the pipelines built. Regardless the purpose of planned pipeline, we may unddertake its full construction. We may also assist in customised design of pipe system. After completing planning stage, we are ready to construct the steel pipeline network suitable to transport any gas or liquid and we guarantee the job is done in accordance with trade know-how and applicable standards. Our pipelines are perfect solutions in variuos sectors of industry.


Assembly of machines and devices

Quick and appropriate installation of a machine or device is very helpful in industry, especially in the case of machine failure, when the plant is interested in continuing production and avioding unnecessary interruption or financial loss. We offer you professional installation service. Our experts may take care of your machinery to make them work effectively and safely.

Assembly of pipelines

For customer’s request, we conduct assembly of industrial pipelines. We also undertake the tasks of extending used pipe networks within the range of provided design and prefabricated materials. If you are looking for a reliable contractor for such an installation, please call us to get more details. We ensure that each proposal of contract will be duly considered.

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Installation of containers

We instal various types of containers, such as retention tanks, drinking water and rain water containers, garden tanks, septic tanks etc. We always prepare before the installation to avoid problems that may occur during the job. At work, we care about the safety of people and equipment, perform the job to the highest standards, but also do it quickly and timely.

Completed projects

Please, hava a glance at our photo gallery. It presents the number of projects completed by our company. We update the photo documentation of our welding, construction or installlation projects on regular basis.

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